Alcohol-based rehabilitation has made steady progress but that isn’t to say that there aren’t various theories as to what causes any form of addiction. You can put away images from old movies, however, depicting images of addicts being shunted away in some darkened room with nothing but the lack of alcohol to rehabilitate them.

An effort to rehabilitate an alcoholic today would first see them undertaking a detox programme. It can take form three up to seven days. Many will suffer withdrawal symptoms with no longer being able to drink alcohol and will have to be monitored during this time. Once the detox is complete, it is really a psychological matter for the addict to confront.

Traditional rehab comprises a combination of individual and group therapy along with spiritual counselling. Once the initial rehab period has ended, it is advised that continual therapy and support is undertaken for a period.

There are some newer methods being used also and Holistic Alcohol Rehab is probably at the top of that list. It deals with the person in all ways possible i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to tackle as best as possible, his addiction. Methods used in holistic treatment include acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage and fitness training. This type of treatment is not applied solely, however. It is used long with more traditional forms of counselling in individual and group therapy.

Support is always a plus and studies have shown that rehab has proven more of a success family is there to offer that support; in particular, the spouse. Family relationships can play a big part in the treatment of addiction as has been documented. Of course, there can also be the opposite effect such as in a case where the spouse is also suffering from an addiction and neither partner in a condition where they can help the other. Most rehab programmes integrate couples and family therapy as part of the overall treatment program.

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