Do You Really Have Psychic Abilities?

Psychic abilities refer to those extra sensory perceptions or paranormal powers as known in the common parlance, that only a gifted few possess which enables them to see, know about, or perceive information from the environment which are otherwise not perceivable to others through the five normal sense organs.

You can find signs of psychic abilities in certain regular situations in your surroundings, like for example, if your kid is able to say accurately from beforehand who will be coming to your home or which teacher will not coming to his school on a day, or it can be even your friend who frequently tells you what you were thinking about. Mostly you mistake these cases to be mere coincidences but which may not be the case.

Psychic abilities are possessed by very few people but its presence can be felt all through out the globe. Mostly, a few exceptional people are born with these abilities. But, even a person who has gone through near death experience is seen to develop the psychic abilities after the event. It must be kept in mind that the power of a human subconscious mind is beyond measure, so if a person wants to achieve these psychic abilities, it is possible through exploring one’s mind and gaining control over the sub conscious part of the mind by employing various advanced meditation techniques or some other techniques.

Record of psychic abilities can be found from time immemorial when spiritual saints lived in the remote mountain caves meditating to realize the ultimate spiritual wisdom and were seen to perform miracles such as levitating off the ground, predicting one’s future, moving objects with their power of mind, etc. Psychic abilities, thus can be of various types, but the three most commonly found in the world are those of Telepathy, precognition and Clairvoyance.

Telepathy is the psychic ability that enables a person to read and know, in other words perceive the thoughts of another person. In advanced and more developed stages, this power also enables a person possessing it to infuse his own notion or idea into the mind of the other person.

Precognition is the power of accurately foretelling one’s future, i.e., predicting one’s future exactly. It is one of the most popular and common psychic abilities prevalent in the world. Precognition’s popularity has its roots in the desire of human beings to know their future.

Clair and voyance that make up the word “Clairvoyance” means clear and viewing respectively. As the name itself suggest it is one of those psychic abilities that allow a person to clearly see a person, event or even an object in different time horizon or place which would not have otherwise been possible with the naked eyes. Thus, for example a person with this power can see his mother who is present in a different corner of the globe, or an object which is kept in sealed condition in a box in another room or even a occasion or incident that is taking place in a different time horizon or place.

The occurrence and extent of psychic abilities can be examined through innumerable psychic tests that are easily available over the internet. It can also be tested by going through in depth and accurate therapeutic sessions in various research organizations. If you are not born with psychic abilities, you can develop it by regular meditation and exploration of the sub conscious mind which will help you to let loose and then gain control of you powerful sub conscious. But it must be borne in mind that psychic abilities is an exceptional gift to mankind and not a curse which must be used for the well being of fellow human beings who are not as lucky as you are.

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