Timeshares – The vacation dream of the eighty’s and ninety’s. Why own something you use only a few times a year when you can get full use of it at a fraction of the price. Sounded like a good deal and for many, it was. You got that cabin in the mountains or that bungalow on the beach and still had money left to actually take the vacation. All the advantages and none of the worries. (Or at least less worries.)

But times have changed since you signed on to that timeshare agreement. Kids have grown up, income has slimmed down and vacation time is hard to come by. And when you do get the time and money to get away, maybe you want to try something new. People just aren’t showing up at their timeshares. But the maintenance fees, taxes and even loan payments keep showing up in their mailboxes, and people are finding that their great deal turning into a big drain on their finances. So how to you sell your share in your timeshare without getting bit by fees or scammed by schemers whose promises far outstrip their deliverables in the end? You will need to do your homework.

First step is to find out what your timeshare is really worth in today’s market. Forget what you put down on it, or what you’ve been paying in maintenance fees. The goal is to stop the drain on your budget by selling your share for a fair and realistic price. Don’t rely on the adds you see. That’s just trusting some total stranger to do your research for you. You have no way of knowing if those prices are even reasonable in today’s market.

Once you have the price, you can begin to list the property. This can be done by you, using available media or on line sales sites like eBay and Craig’s List or any other popular service.

Once you have a good price point, you can then either list your property yourself, or use one of the reputable online dealers who will help you hook up with a qualified buyer.

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