Do You Continue To Design Web Pages In Static HTML?

Is static HTML still your preferred method of design for your affiliate review websites? As you probably know, it takes a lot of time to develop a page using static HTML. You are probably going to spend nearly 7 days developing each page of an entire site from the ground up. Then, if you decide to put in a new page, or alter something, you have to start over. This is a crazy way to work!

Using a CMS or Content Management System gives you the power to build a better website even faster. WordPress, Plne, Joomla and Xoops are just some of the most popular free CMS programs being used today by developers. Most of these programs are also open source, so they are flexible and available for personal or even commercial use.

Personally, I have developed many WP review websites and have found it very easy to do. It is no longer necessary to employ page designing instruments to create any page of a website. Simply put WordPress in your domain, set up a SQL database, pick a decent theme, and put on any necessary plugins. Your review website will be ready to go in no time at all!

Some themes are better than other for developing review websites. Make sure your theme is correctly optimized and set up as the home page. Are you wondering what you need to focus on when developing a theme?

Here are some tips to help you adjust your theme effectively:

* All navigation at the top of the homepage should be deleted or masked out.

2. Turn off your various widgets. The last thing that you want is something which will likely confuse or distract your potential customers!

3. Most suitable for being easily read are light color and white backgrounds along with black text!

* Orchestrate the sequence of your posts to better sell your products. For example, the top reviewed product should be at the top of the page. Each subsequent post should be listed below it in order.

Those were only a couple of ideas to get your WP review site up and running. For constructing review sites, you must locate some appropriate themes, as well as a few good related plugins.

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