The discovery and gradually increased use of central heating have almost led to the disappearance of fireplaces. They were one of the central items of the old Victorian country manors and apart from adding to the elegance of the interior, they also provided the cold, big and draughty residences with the much needed heat. However, the messy job of dealing with soot, ashes and wood were left to the servants, thus, it is no wonder that together with the number of servants also the use of the fireplace diminished.

It seems that today this element is a matter of the past as it is difficult to see how a modern man could possibly find the resources to handle the mess created by a fireplace and how contemporary design could find place for the intricate details of Victorian pieces among the clear-cut lines of minimalist architecture. Nevertheless, scientific research has managed to find solutions compatible with the modern lifestyle.

It seems that in our days few fireplaces are fueled with wood. Gas has made it possible for people to benefit from the warmth and elegance of an indoor fire without having to put up with the annoying soot or ashes. Those who try to protect the environment will be happy to find out that alternative green gases are now used for numerous fireplaces.

It is hard to imagine how an intricate old-fashioned fireplace would look like in a minimalist building. However, contemporary architects have also found a solution for this issue. Thus, modern fireplaces now feature futuristic elements of design looking more like an abstract sculpture or a TV than a heating device. Stainless steel, chrome, iron and glass have replaced the old materials like marble and wood so that the fireplaces may harmonize with the other design items and not look out of place a modern home.

A fireplace can make a house more elegant and cozy no matter whether a classical or a more recent chrome and stainless steel piece is chosen. The wide range of models and prices available on the market today makes it easy for anyone to afford to buy such an item for a new or renovated home.

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