Do Not Let Stress Kill You – Importance Of Handling Them Effectively

Having a little stress in life will give you that extra push you need when it comes to getting things done. The problem with that is, how much stress do you really need? Not only excess stress can trigger anxiety, depression and affects your mental health negatively, it can also affect our physical health as well! This article will talk about the physiology of stress and why you should handle them effectively before they kill you.

Besides affecting your mental health, here are some other ways that excessive stress can kill you:

Whenever we experience stress, our body experiences the fight of flight mode, which is a state where the body will release certain hormones and chemicals such as adrenaline and endorphins into our body to avert the danger. The increase in these hormones will lead to an increase of blood pressure and blood flow to certain parts of our organs, while slowing down certain parts too. It was important that we have this stage in the past, but certainly it is not as important in our society these days.

After the threat is over, your body will then start on the next stage where it will repair tissues that was damaged during the fight or flight mode, and this is called the stress resistance. Normal function of our body will begin again, but we are still somewhat on an alert mode.

The last physiological change to our body is stress exhaustion, this is where it can be potentially harmful to our body, especially the more we go through it. The immune system now will be suppressed, because of the overabundance of chemicals in our body, and thus causing our cardiovascular system to suffer.

This explains why sometimes cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and strokes are most commonly linked to high level of stress. It can also weaken our immune system and as such can lead to us falling sick more often and the formation of stomach ulcers.

Other notable ways it can affects our body are headaches and body aches, it can also alter your sleeping pattern altogether. On top of that, a drop in sexual desire and performance are also commonly reported and linked to stress.

Another extremely dangerous way stress can affect us in terms of health is that it escalates any pre existing condition especially conditions that involves the nervous system. Bowel disorders, digestive problems and chronic are all common when going through a stressful period.

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