Do It Yourself Wedding Ideas – Getting Married On A Budget

This article is about some of the do it yourself wedding ideas and how to make it work on your own wedding celebration.

Us women have always had in your minds a vision of what our perfect wedding will look like. Since we were little girls playing make believe we have always wanted to be the beautiful bride that would take everyone’s breath away. Guess what? Dreams do come true, you can have the perfect wedding without putting yourself in debt as long as you follow some very basic planning tips.

To help make your do it yourself wedding ideas really successful, the followings are just some of the tips to guide you.


Sit down with your finace and be sure to discus the details of what is most important to each of you in your wedding. Be sure there is a clear understanding of what your budget is and allocate the majority of your funds to those areas.

Delegation and Research

A key factor in successful do it your self wedding, be sure to plan ahead and do thorough research that will allow you to weigh all you options. A budget is more easily followed if you leave time and consider the options that provide you the most value for dollars spent.

You can often save the most and get what you want if you research and book your venues and catering company many months in advance. Also, you may want to think about delegating task like creating wedding invitations to a close friend or sibling who is feeling up to the challenge and really wants to be involved in your special day.

Check the Final Wedding Requirements

Since you forego the benefit of hiring a wedding planner to save cost, the do it yourself wedding ideas requires that you carefully double check everything to avoid last minute problems. Make certain that your venue is finalized, gowns are chosen, and souvenirs are ordered or done by you and your friends 3 weeks before the actual day.

Planning ahead of time is key, ensure you start your planning at least 6-8 months before hand.

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