Do-It-Yourself Toilet Installation

Contrary to a lot of people’s beliefs, installing and/or replacing a toilet is not a difficult project. When you stuck to the basic steps it should be very simple, yet as usual at the first try anything looks challenging until you actually undertake it. So why don’t we go over very quickly specifically what you’ll need to get your new toilet in there.

While, changing your old toilet with a new one is actually quite an uncomplicated job, installing it in a completely new area is difficult, mainly because it requires supply pipes, drain pipes to be configured first. And so for those who have a new set up We would suggest getting in touch with a specialist, though a replacement it is possible to try it.

When you purchase a new toilet, you will get all the required accessories for it. These include: flange rings, flush tank, mounting bolts, and nuts.

Initially, you must stop the water supply to your toilet. Now you can remove the toilet. Then take a knife and clean any wax left over spots from the wax gasket. Also you can look for any leaks of inlets that lead to the toilet at this time.

You can now take the new wax gasket and connect it to the outlet of the toilet. Place it on the flange firmly using bolts and attach it to the wax ring completely.

Check the bolts each time, in order to hold it firmly and keeps in leveled.

Finally, it is time to seal the bottom of the toilet using a putty knife and that’s it, you are done!

Tips on installation
Installing a new toilet even though pretty straight forward can be a challenging and a frustrating task for a beginner, as improper set up may well lead to a non-functional and in some cases damaged toilet. Howevere, if you’re fairly comfortable with everything, then move forward, it’s really simple to do.

Make sure to search for any leaks and fixes as you take out your old toilet.

Toilet maintenance tips
To maintain the toilet in great functioning condition for a long period, perform a regular maintenance. By following this, you may steer clear of frequent replacement or repair of toilet as well as promote a clean and a hygienic bathroom.

Toilet seat is one component that needs to be washed at the least monthly; a gentle detergent rinse will do.

The toilet bowl needs a clean each week to eliminate any materials that get clogged.

Thoroughly flushing the toilet will remove most of these materials.

And so basically it’s not very hard to replace a toilet and by doing regular checking yourself you can make it last for years.

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