DLP And LCD Television Sets – Which Is Right For You?

When you are looking for a new DLP and LCD television, it is important to do some comparison shopping. Especially these days with so many different products to choose from. In this article, we are going to take a look at both DLP and LCD television and try to help you determine a solid strategy in regards to how the technology works. This should help you to decide between the two technologies. When you go to the stores to shop, knowing a little bit about the televisions is going to make the difference in your decision. You must be prepared in this day and age. This should help you make the decision that is right for you.

These television technologies are competing with each other and staging war in order to capture the consumer’s dollar. The amazing thing is that it appears that each of them are winning. What makes all the difference in the world when selecting a television is the application that you will be using it in. When you know how you will be using the TV, you can start to factor in all the benefits of both TV sets and come up with the ideal TV for your purposes. Both of them has their own benefits which means the most important factor will be figuring out how you intend to use the DLP and LCD television once you bring it home.

Comparing the Technologies

Digital Light Processing, or DLP, utilizes a very small digital micromirror that will tilt the other mirrors in the proper direction either towards or away from the white lamp inside of the TV. These mirrors are roughly the size of a human hair. By doing this, it creates a dark or light pixel on the surface of the display. As the intensity of the light varies, the right image is reflected on the screen by bending the light. As it turns out, this technology can produce 1024 shades of grey making it an excellent choice and also creating even more complicated decisions in the fight between DLP and LCD television.

Liquid Crystal Display, or LCD, utilizes an array of transistors that will reflect the light into the correct picture and tone. The crystals inside of the TV are actually filled with liquid and placed in between two thin sheets of glass. When you hit these crystals with a charge of electricity, they will filter and split the white light in the right direction. This actually creates color by removing other kinds of light from the picture. As you can see, the DLP and LCD television perform almost in two entirely different ways.

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