DJI unveils new drone with improved thermal visor

DJI, a global leader in civilian drone manufacturing and aerial photography technologies, has unveiled the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced professional drone. The M2EA is equipped with the latest thermal imaging and RGB camera, and provides positioning accuracy up to a centimeter with an RTK module.

“Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced successfully combines the latest thermal and visual camera technologies with support for the optional RTK ultra-precise positioning module, which will allow our customers to choose the optimal drone configuration for their tasks,” said Taras Troyak, Co-founder of DJI | QUADRO.UA.
Advanced sensors

The M2EA is equipped with a thermal imager with a resolution of HD 640 × 512 pixels and a 48 MP visual camera with a 1/2-inch CMOS matrix. The frame rate of the thermal imager is 30 Hz, and the temperature measurement accuracy is ±2°C. You can switch between the thermal imager and the camera, or view two images simultaneously on a split screen. M2EA takes HD photos and 4K videos from a safe distance. The visual camera has a digital zoom of 32X, and the thermal imager-16X.

Additional functions of the thermal imager:

Spot metering-displays the average temperature of the object.
Plot measurement-displays the average, low, and high temperatures of the selected areas.

Positioning with an accuracy of up to a centimeter

M2EA is compatible with DJI’s RTK module (sold separately). RTK provides coordinate accuracy up to a centimeter and supports NTRIP. It is able to fly through 240 points of the route for automated checks in difficult conditions.
Reliable data protection and enhanced flight safety

M2EA, like other products in the DJI Enterprise line, has advanced data protection features, including the integrity of photos, videos, flight logs, etc. With the DJI Pilot application, M2EA works in local data mode, i.e. it does not send or receive information over the Internet. Radio communication between the drone and the remote control is securely encrypted according to the AES-256 standard.On board M2EA 24 GB of internal memory for storing data that can be protected with a password.

The M2EA is equipped with a DJI AirSense system that receives ADS-B signals from aircraft and helicopters to alert drone pilots of nearby air traffic. Privacy is provided by stealth mode, which disables the LED indicators.

Self-heating batteries work in cold weather (up to -10°C).

The maximum flight time of M2EA is up to 31 minutes, the speed is up to 72 km / h. It uses the OcuSync 2.0 video and data transmission system, providing a stable connection between the drone and the remote control at a distance of up to 10 km (FCC, up to 6 km CE).
Modular accessories

Floodlight with a brightness of 2400 lumens.
The speaker with a maximum sound pressure of 100 decibels (at a distance of 1 meter), can store voice recordings and play them in a circle.
The flashing light is designed in accordance with the US Federal Aviation Administration standards for flying at night, a bright flashing light source visible at a distance of up to 4.8 km.
The DJI Smart Controller features a 5.5-inch ultra-bright display that supports 1080p. The image quality does not deteriorate even in direct sunlight.

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