DIY Steps To Remove Radon Gas: How Dangerous?

Radon gas is the leading cause of non-smoking related lung cancer, as well as a host of other illnesses of the respiratory system. It is a state toward the ccomplete decomposition of the radioactive element uranium, which is present in the ground in varying amounts all over America. This means that our own homes could be prone to the danger that radon overexposure poses.

The best way to remove radon gas from the house is by finding out exactly how much radon you’re dealing with and how much you’re being exposed to. Commercial radon testing kits are available, or you could have it tested by a professional. Knowing how much radon you’re dealing with can help you decide whether simple do-it-yourself steps could solve your radon problem or if a radon mitigation service should be employed to control higher concentration inside your house. Still, these simple steps could remove radon gas from your house significantly so you can start with them.

Proper ventilation is very important so the radon doesn’t collect in any room of the house, especially in the ceilings, basements or crawl spaces. Venting out these rooms, opening exhaust and chimney flues, as well as the act of opening and closing the doors every once and a while can get the air moving and drive out the radon from the house.

You can also try sealing off the cracks on your walls and especially on the flooring. The gas seeps through these gaps, as well as those gaps left by plumbing bores. Seal your floor to wall seam because there are instances in some homes when these aren’t joined completely.

Higher levels of radon makes contacting a radon mitigation service a necessity, but if the levels in your house is low enough these steps are enough to keep the home virtually radon-free.

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