Discover Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

For the consumer, many types of light bulbs are sold in stores and made available. There is a bulb for every fixture and can vary between different needs. Bulbs that use less energy are noted as being energy efficient and not only lower your energy bill, but your usage as well.

Although compact florescent lighting or CF costs more than your traditional lighting, they use less energy. In fact, the actual amount equals to seventy five percent less. This will not only lower your energy costs, but provide the same amount of light as a traditional bulb.

Despite going green, these bulbs also add other benefits as well. By utilizing one of these items, one can cut the costs of their cooling. This is due to less heat radiation than regular bulbs. Global warming is also a reason to use these items. If three of these bulbs replaced the average lighting in every home, it would be the equivalent of removing three and a half million vehicles off the road.

When you are ready to shop, decide on the amount of watts you need and the style you are going for. Picture how the light will look in different rooms. Living rooms and dining areas need more of an accent type lighting while kitchen require a bright, direct light. This is due to cooking and food preparation. If you have a general idea on what you’re looking for, the result is less hassle and a simple process.

Since there are many types of fixtures and lamps that are different, each one requires a different wattage amount and style. Certain sizes and shaped should be thought of before buying. Be sure to pick the right size. Selecting the wrong light can cause appliance or fixture damage. It is advised that the users guide be reviewed and followed before changing.

Try to purchase bulbs that have a longer lighting span. These may range anywhere between seven hundred and fifty to twenty four thousand hours. This will eliminate the constant replacement of bulbs and cut down on waste. Your energy savings will increase as well.

If you have a fixture than is installed with a dimmer, be sure to choose the correct bulb for this. Since many are different, not all of them can provide this feature. Read the package before buying.

Since Cf’s contain a small amount of mercury, it is advised that they be placed inside a plastic baggie before being thrown away. This eliminates any risk of leaks. Recycling is also an option. Find out the nearest location near you.

Selecting energy efficient light bulbs is an easy task as long as you understand a few concepts. Remember to educate yourself on the different requirements each bulb has and the types available. Not only will you save on energy costs, but you will benefit from a bulb that will last for a longer period of time.

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