Discover Body Building As A Method For Complete Life Improvement

The art of body building is a much too often maligned form of fitness. You can be sure that many negative stereotypes have built up around the body building community. What is sorely neglected are the many positive effects on one’s mental, physical and even spiritual well being.

Long before you start pulling on your weights you need to give careful consideration to the reasons for starting on body building. What is your motivation? It could be that improved power and visibly impressive pecs are the main reason you want to get down the gym. There other reasons that may make you think of body building however- your sport may require more power from the lower or upper body. Or you may want to have a leaner, more ripped, more in control body. Set your goal, and use it to base you regime around.

The first benefit from taking up the building up of your body, that may not have been immediately apparent is mental strength. You will need to apply yourself in a controlled and regular and persistent fashion to get the results you are demanding. This requires great self discipline of mind, not just of the body. If this is lacking, try setting up your exercise sessions so that you can’t avoid them- make them daily, at the same time, and you will find they become habitual.

Another factor consequent on putting yourself through an intense body training scheme is the effect it has on metabolism. It has been discovered that the intense stretching demands made on muscle by such exercise as Pilate’s or Yoga enhances the performance of the Mitochondria in muscles tissue. Additionally, these types of exercise are less damaging to the tissues.

Traditional weights based approaches to developing muscles have the advantage of enabling you to rapidly ramp up their power and bulk. However, it must be born in mind that with the high stress at the tail end of each set of repetitions, the body builder is intentionally disrupting the muscle at the cellular level. The objective is to stimulate the repairing and growth of new muscular tissue.

This approach is protein intensive, and requires an enhanced protein uptake to maximize the body’s response. Also, the muscle mass added is likely to be energetically less efficient, and a bump up in energy levels may be necessary.

Aerobic fitness is not something typically associated with body builders, but both weight based and stretch based regimes positively stress the cardiovascular system, and raise your aerobic performance.

And finally, exercises undertaken will have massive benefits to your sense of well being- you will be less stressed, more in control, and more connected to your body than you might expect. This leads to you being a happier individual.

Body building offers so much more than just the laying down of muscular mass – it is a route to improving your mental, physical, and spiritual well being.

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