Discounted Gift Cards: 3 Tips for Getting the Most Value Out of Them

Discounted gift cards are an excellent gift because they allow you to buy exactly what you want. But, many don’t take full advantage of this. Either they buy something frivolous because the card is like “found money” after all, or they fail to use it at all. Then, it becomes part of the billions of unspent dollars that go unused on discounted gift cards each year.
Following are three tips for getting the most value out of shopping with discounted gift cards.
Shop on Sale: If you receive discounted gift cards for your birthday, graduation or other special occasion, stretch it as far as possible. The best way to do this is to shop on sale. If you’ve been eyeing those designer heels that are way out of your budget, purchase them during the season-ending clearance sale.
You may even luck into a two-for-one sale! Using your discounted gift cards in this manner will make the gift go so much further than a mindless splurge.
Shop for What You Need: How many times have you put off buying something because it just isn’t in the budget? It happens to all of us.
If you’ve been lucky enough to received discounted gift cards from fiends and family, it is the ideal time to sit down, make a list of items you need but can’t afford and do some smart shopping. For example, does your wardrobe need updating; do you need to do some home repairs; does your car require some maintenance?
There are discounted gift cards for practically every need you have. And, many of them serve multiple purposes. For example, Walmart gift cards can be used to cover automotive, home and wardrobe needs.
Taking the time to assess where your greatest needs are though will make your discounted gift cards money well spent. And, as you’re in essence spending the hard-earned money of your friends and family, this pays homage to their generosity.
Shop for What Someone Else Needs: Many of us would like to be more charitable, but are struggling to make ends meet ourselves. Discounted gift cards are just the right vehicle to give the most you can to someone less fortunate than you.
Just because discounted gift cards are found money does not mean they should be used frivolously. These three tips help you spend them wisely, getting the most value out of the gift.
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