Discounted Gift Cards: 3 Reasons They Make for Great Wedding Gifts

Selecting a wedding gift can be unnerving, even when the couple has taken the care to register for what they want. You don’t want to get the cheapest thing on their list, but you can’t afford to be extravagant either. Discounted gift cards are the perfect way to overcome the anxiety of selecting just the right gift. Following are three reasons why.
Guilt-Free Entertaining: Newly married couples are usually on a budget because many are still paying for the expense of a wedding. This means things like eating out, going to the movies or splurging on a nice bottle of wine are out of the question. But, it doesn’t have to be.
Discounted gift cards make for guilt-free entertaining. When you give them as a wedding gift, the couple can still enjoy some of their favorite entertainment activities without busting the budget.
You and your honey want to rent the latest flick? There are discounted gift cards for movie rentals (Blockbuster). The two of you feel up to a night of gaming and good food. Then get a discounted gift cards for games and eating out (Dave & Busters).
But, that’s not all. Discounted gift cards let you keep the honeymoon alive. How?
Keep the Honeymoon Alive: If you receive discounted gift cards from American Airlines as a wedding gift, for example, you can jet off for a weekend of sun, fun and romance wherever they fly.
Want to keep the honeymoon alive closer to home in a simpler way? Something as simple as discounted gift cards to Starbucks can treat you and your honey to a long, cozy talk for two over lattes.
Create the Perfect Nest for Two: Just because you’re newly married does not you’re your home should feel like a “starter” home.
Discounted gift cards to home improvement and home décor retailers like Home Depot; Bath and Body Works and JCPenney can turn even the smallest, cramped nest into a lovely, luxurious home for two.
Now do you see why discounted gift cards make great wedding gifts? If there’s a wedding in your future, log on to ABC Gift Cards for discounted gift cards from all of the retailers listed here – and many, many more.

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