Discount Gift Cards: The Perfect Year-Round Gift

Shopping for yourself? That’s easy. You know what you want, what you like and what you need. But shopping for others can be an outright nightmare – especially if shopping is not one of your favorite activities. For this reason and quite a few others, discount gift cards are the perfect year-round gift.

Beyond saving you the worry of not selecting the right gift, following are two more reasons discount gift cards make gift-giving easy.

Save for Sales: One reason many recipients of discount gift cards like them so much is that they can shop for their favorite items when they’re on sale. Additionally, because you already saved money when you bought the “discount” gift card, the recipient gets a double the bang for their buck.

Hate Shopping? If you cringe at the word shopping, discount gift cards will eliminate the stress of shopping. And just in case you think you’re copping out by selecting a gift card as a gift — don’t. Why? Consider this:

In a November 2006 Zogby Interactive poll of 12,806 adults “. . . 69% said they like to receive gift cards because they can choose just the gift they want.”

Discount Gift Cards: Fraud and How to Protect Yourself from It

In order to protect yourself from fraud, always purchase discount gift cards from a reputable reseller. How do you know if a gift card seller is reputable?

Ask if the company is a gift card “listing agent”: What does this mean? Many discount gift card sellers act as listing agents. This means that they’re not the actual seller of the card, but a third party who is acting on behalf of the seller. Hence, if there’s a problem, eg, the amount on the card is incorrect or there’s no money on it at all – you usually have no recourse.

But, if a gift card seller is not a go-between, this means that they’ve purchased the card and are the actual seller. Because it’s their money on the line, before purchasing, they conduct all the behind-the-scenes research to make sure that the card is legitimate before they sell it to you. is a nationally recognized seller of discounted gift cards. Because we are not a third-party seller, we have a stringent verification process, eg, that the retailer who initially issued the card is legitimate; the balance on the card; etc.

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