Discount Gift Cards: How to Use Them to Keep the Romance Alive

Many times, you may want to do something special for your mate, but simply don’t have the finances to carry out the grand plans. But you can keep the romance alive in your relationship – on a budget. Following are two ideas on how to use discount gift cards to keep the flame of romance alive.

There are Discount Gift Cards for Everything

The first thing you need to know about discount gift cards is that there is one for practically every product or service. They come in every size, shape and color and they can be found for any type of retailer – online or off.

Hence, no matter the likes or dislikes of your significant other, you’re sure to find a card to fit the occasion. This makes it easy to plan the perfect romantic getaway or give the ideal gift from the heart.

Create a romantic discount gift cards basket. What is this? It is a basket of gifts crafted around the theme of romance. For example, you can create a “love basket.” Stock it with flowers, candy and perfume. THEN, add some discount gift cards for jewelry (eg, a Zales gift card); personal care products (a Body Shop gift card); and clothing (a Macys gift card).

This is a discount gift cards love basket she will not soon forget.

Plan a romantic getaway. Instead of simply announcing that you’re taking her away for the weekend, get creative and say it with discount gift cards. For example, you could ease an American airlines gift card under her pillow, along with a Marriott gift card. She’ll get the picture and will want to know when she should start packing.

A side benefit of using discount gift cards to plan romantic getaways is that you receive some extremely favorable rates on airfare, hotels and restaurants.

Planning a romantic getaway or giving a unique gift can be stressful. Discount gift cards take the anxiety and stress out of the process. And when you use them in creative ways like the ideas discussed here, they make gift giving something to look forward to.

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