Different Types Of Space Heaters

As the winter approaches, the time comes when people start thinking about the different types of space heaters. The heating of the rooms with these heaters is considered as the best way of heating the room. There are many people who do not consider it economical to heat one single room instead of using the central heat.

If you are alone in that single room, then what step should you follow? This is the perfect time to use a space heater. For this, you should first know about these heaters. Space heaters are used mainly for heating a single room in a house or office.

They are relatively portable and easy to use. Most can be transferred from one room to another and are also known to have an easy ON and OFF function as most of them will only require you to turn the valve or switch on or off, without requiring any other preparations. There are electric and non-electric types.

Electric space heaters convert the available energy in the form of electricity into heat. If you are planning to buy an electric space heater, you have three kinds to consider. First is the convection type. A convection heater will circulate the heat through the flow of air in your room.

These heaters also have a fan that is used for not only heating the room, but is also used for cooling the place during the summer days. Another type of space heaters is known as the fan heater. Like the convection heaters, fan heaters use the fan for the circulation of the heat. The advantage of this particular type of heater is that they are able to heat a room faster.

However, the downside is that it is rather loud and if you like to have a peace and quiet then this is not exactly the heater for you. The third is the radiant type. Unlike the convection and fan heaters, these do not depend on built in fans. Radiant heaters produce infrared light that will produce heat.

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