Different Headstone Features: What Are Your Choices?

When it comes to different headstone features you would be surprised how many choices you have. There are a wide variety of choices of the stone that you can use to have this headstone created. But some may seem like a great choice, they may have some lack of benefits you were not aware of.[I:http://www.sun2.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/TomTree1.jpg]

Knowing a bit about the different options and what is good and bad will lead you to the right choice for a headstone. Though you will still need to decide these tips can help with that decision in making a lasting remembrance for your loved one. Slate has been a very popular choice of many for years. This stone is one that is very easy to engrave, but it is also one of the softest choices.

While the next step up would be marble, it is a harder stone and one that would seem more durable. But the truth of the fact is that it will not be more durable than slate is. Offering you a beautiful headstone, but one that may erode through time. Eventually those engravings may become impossible to read too.

The next choice you would possible look into would be granite. It is a choice that during the 1940s would gain popularity. Though it will stand up through weather and time very well, it is something that takes a lot to make. Causing a quarry to strain to get enough rock to create is one of the downfalls of this choice.

It is something that takes a lot of rock to make though, and can cause a lot of strain on a quarry. Making it an option that at times can seem like something that is harming the environment. But you do have other choices of more environmentally friendly headstones to look into.

These headstones will be made from composite plant materials and offer many benefits. They may be found in many colors, very durable and look great. Creating a wonderful headstone choice and one that is safe for the environment.

You also have the choice of using bronze for those headstones. Bronze is easy to form and shape into many forms, offering a wide variety of choices for the headstone. From the simple look to the more fantastic look that can be created, it has gained in popularity through the years.[I:http://www.sun2.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/TomTree3.jpg]

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