Difference Between Safety And Party Light Sticks

Glow sticks are useful in emergent situations. Hotels, senior homes, hospitals keep glowing sticks for power outages. You don’t need to worry about batteries. Glow light sticks for lightening purposes are called safety light sticks. They have a shelf life of five years and are brighter than party glow stick. Novelty glow items like glow necklaces and glow bracelets are great for entertainment purpose for night time events.

Glow sticks and glow necklaces are great party favor and they are great lighting source too. It’s a good idea to keep a few in your car and home for emergency uses for situation like blackout and gas leak. Of course for emergency purposes, bright color light sticks such as green and yellow will be the best choice. Green and yellow being the brightest for glow products is due to the glow technology.

Safety glow sticks also called snap light, look similar to ordinary 6 inch glow sticks but their ingredients differ. For party light sticks, the glowing length and brightness requirement are lower than safety light sticks that last for up to a full 12 hours. The shelf life of safety type sticks is also longer, as long as four to five years from they are made. Glow necklaces & light up ice cubes are mainly for party use.

It is impossible to know the time of the occurrence of emergency situation in the future, but to get prepared is important. Safety glow sticks are reliable light source and are recommended to be stored as preparation. Just because a user may very likely to store safety light sticks, their shelf life is usually twice longer than party glow sticks. As green and yellow are two brightest colors, safety sticks normally have at least these two colors. Glow bracelets & flashing blinky lights are available in eight colors.

Glow sticks come in a wide range of sizes and among them 6 and 4 inch long glow light sticks are probably the most well known. They emit enough light to be used not only for entertaining but for recreational purposes such as night time outdoor games, camping, glow golfing games, fishing, etc. On online stores, they can be found in bulk packages with discount prices. Online stores also carry glow novelties like glow necklaces.

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