Did Ancient Aliens Visit Our Ancestors?

Man has long looked to the heavens and wondered if he was alone in the universe, and he has seen and reported unidentified objects in the sky for as long as he has been documenting his existence on this planet. And while there is no undeniable proof that ancient aliens visited our ancestors long ago, there is certainly enough to generate widespread speculation.

There is surely no shortage of evidence. Unfortunately there is no evidence that cannot be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. There are myths and hoaxes that have been uncovered that have unfortunately caused many to doubt real evidence.

So what sort of proof is out there. Of course there is area 51 and the proposed United States cover up and the conspiracy theories. There are an endless number of eye witness accounts, and while many of these can be dismissed as having come from attention seekers such as those who were caught creating crops circles in English fields in the middle of the night. Other accounts have been brought forth by otherwise respected people in their communities and many are simply unexplainable.

When archaeologists find the remains of ancient cities and dwellings, they have uncovered drawings and symbols of alien looking creatures that do not represent anything obviously earthly. Some have speculated that these are figurines of aliens that visited the ancient people long ago and the then inhabitants of the earth documented them in the only way they knew how.

Are the gods worshiped by early humans really aliens that visited our planet long ago? Are the pyramids of ancient Egypt or those built by Indians on other continents the result of technology passed along to our ancestors by visiting aliens? It is recognized that some of these structures would have been all but impossible for man to have created because at the time he simply did not possess the technology.

Are the religions and buildings of early man a direct result of his interaction with ancient aliens? Are the writings and images that seem to indicate alien visitors and reflect otherwise alien images proof that these people were indeed visited by aliens from another world. Unfortunately we cannot say for sure. At least we cannot say for sure at this time, but the evidence is mounting and perhaps one day we will know for sure.

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