Developmental Disabilities Information

Developmental disabilities are the mental or physical disabilities that a person has before the age of eighteen. Sometimes both mental and physical malfunctions are seen. In order for the situation to be considered as medical disability, the patient should be unable to live independent of others, show learning disability and have some kind of severe mobility difficulty. In other words, any form of disability that makes the person unable to function on his own in ways that can support his independent life are described as developmental disabilities. They are further classified as severe, average or mild.

Causes of developmental disabilities are known today as are the factors that may cause them. There are however, some cases that don’t fall under any category and are still researched. Common causes can be seen in the pregnancy period. Brain damage or injury during pregnancy or in the early life of the infant and severe infection during pregnancy or after birth are two common causes of this situation. Premature birth can also cause certain disabilities if the organs are not adequately developed. Another thing is drug use as well as alcohol intake and smoking during pregnancy.

Other reasons can be poor health care, poor nutrition and child abuse. Traumas can certainly cause developmental disabilities and indeed are one of the greatest factors. Kericterus that is not treated can also be a cause. Kernicterus is monitored during the first days the baby is in the hospital, but after that you should be able to understand the signs. Kernicterus is the yellow color on the skin or eyes of the baby. The baby may not be able to fall asleep or wake up, might be crying without apparent reason, won’t eat and sometimes stretches the head and toes backward and the body outwards. These signs should alert you to take the child immediately to the hospital.

The type and degree of developmental disability the patient has will show what kind of treatment is needed. Patients with developmental disabilities should take part in a program and follow treatment from the start as the treatment requires a long time before the person can show any signs of being better. Forms of treatment include speech therapy, occupational therapy and special classes. Physical health problems that require surgery should be solved as they can help the overall condition of the patient.

Surgery can also be done in situations that it is needed as health problems should be addressed in order for the patient to progress to the rest of the treatment. A loving environment that the patient can feel safe and be given the care he needs can also play an important role in the way he progresses in his life.

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