Detoxification is actually a procedure. It is the procedure of cleaning your body from toxins. These toxins could be substances like drugs, alcohol or smoke or everyday toxins like pollution and smog. This is mostly known as detox and involves cleaning the skin from pollution and the body from unhealthy diet.

Drug detoxification focuses on clearing the body from the substance the person is addicted to. It is concerned with relieving the symptoms of withdrawal and tries to help the patient feel better. The procedure cannot help with the reason the person became a drug addict. Environmental, social and behavioral factors that lead to this path should be addressed separately and solutions to the problems the person faced can be found through other treatment. Detoxification only focuses on the withdrawal symptoms the person will feel after stopping using the substance he is addicted to. The symptoms can last some days and they are severe and for these reasons the person should seek help. The procedure commonly has three stages.

First there is the evaluation stage where doctors see which substances the body is addicted to. This is helpful to choose the treatment that the person needs. The second stage is stabilization. This is the actual part of the procedure. The patient gets help through the rather difficult time when the body has to adjust functioning without drugs. This is the stage that most people are afraid of and makes them drop out of rehabilitation programs and so it is very important to have help and guidance. There is also the alternative to give some kind of medicine to alleviate the symptoms and this is commonly done. The third stage is to give further guidance to the patient. Now that the body is working normally again, the patient must address the issues that made him an addict in the first place. The same procedure is adjusted to people with alcohol addiction. People with alcohol addiction should seek help as increased alcohol intake alters brain’s functions in such a way that it is dangerous to undergo treatment without professional medical help. As with drugs, the psychological issues should also be addressed to help the person that has the problem.

When we are talking about beauty procedures, detox is a famous one. The term is used in cosmetics for products or therapies that have the goal to clean the skin from impurities and pollution and make it look radiant again. It is also common to use detox diets. These diets focus on cleaning the body from toxins coming from food. They include fruit and vegetables and a lot of water or tea.

The diets are more often seen after the holiday period, a period when people tend to consume more food than usual and think they have to do something about it. They are also common before summer. However, there is no proof that they work to your benefit.

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