Detail And Style In Types Of Moroccan Furniture And Moroccan Living Rooms

Opulence in materials, colors and textures is a common characteristic of Moroccan furniture and Moroccan living rooms. Forms of furniture include chairs, tables, dressers, cabinets, sofas and benches. There may also be one or more colorful rugs, and probably several lamps of various types, whether electric or for candles. Other decoration may include mirrors and shelves on the wall, while the floor and seating furniture may be covered with pillows.

Colors used are rarely in what would normally be considered neutral shades. Rich and deep reds, blues, yellows and greens, along with many other shades, are seen everywhere. Fabrics, leather, ceramic tiles and vases, stained glass and other materials feature vibrant tones in intricate designs. Substances such as mother-of-pearl and bone may be in their natural shades, but even these are also tinted other colors at times.

Inlaid work is extensively used in furniture and other living room decor. It is often featured on dressers and cabinets, tables of all sorts, mirror frames, benches and chairs, as well as other items that are intricately carved. The inlaid material is usually camel bone or mother-of-pearl, but can also be nickel silver, melted resin, ceramic tile, and other materials. Mother-of-pearl naturally comes in white and black, but may be tinted other colors, as camel bone may be also.

Another material widely used, with both decorative and practical functions, is leather. Dyed many rich colors, it may be a luxurious covering on benches and chairs, or sewn together in intricate patterns for a pouf. Poufs are seen extensively in Moroccan decor, and may serve as either ottomans or floor pillows. Leather may also be used to make lampshades, where the opacity of the material produces a unique glow.

Stained glass is very popular in the classic lamps and lanterns of Moroccan design. Often several different colors will be used on a lamp to stunning effects when the light shines through. Colored glass is also used for tea glasses, which may feature intricate designs in paint as well.

Nickel silver is used to decorate the frames of mirrors and also to embellish furniture such as tables and chairs. It is often intricately embossed and hammered into finely detailed patterns. Nickel silver actually is not silver, but a combination of copper, nickel and zinc. It has the look of silver but also has the advantage of not tarnishing.

Fabrics contribute to the overall effect of opulence. As coverings for pillows, chairs, sofas and benches, they often are made of silk or other luxurious natural fibers and woven into brocades, velvets and damasks. A pillow cover, especially for sofa pillows, often ends with a deep tasseled fringe. Rich fabrics are also used as throws and bed coverings.

Painting in bright and many colored geometric and arabesque shapes adorns vases of all sizes and types. Tiles are widely used and are also painted in very intricate and multicolored patterns. Other materials that may be painted include leather, glassware, and fabric.

The rich detail involved in the style of Moroccan furniture and Moroccan living rooms is very eye-catching. The vibrant palette of colors is fascinating and, combined with intricate texture, produces a stunning effect. It is truly a style that attracts attention and holds it.

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