Dentist Marketing Support Dental Assistants Working With Drug Users

Dental Assistants are accustomed to dealing with affected individuals that are struggling with poor tooth hygiene. Statistics show over 10.5 million people throughout the United States are suffering from drug and alcohol use. Substance abuse is easily recognizable by Dental Assistants. A lot of parents are left totally dumbfounded once the Dental Assistant notifies them that their child appears to have a drug dependency and it is affecting their oral health. Forms of substance abuses Dental Assistants encounter include things like sedatives, barbiturates, as well as narcotics.

The consequences of drug use in relation to dental health care include missing dental care appointments, dread, anxiety, desires for desserts, the danger of infection from Hepatitis B and HIV, oral neglect, periodontal disease, gingivitis, and painful gums. It is easy to observe from this checklist just how using harmful drugs can lead to ongoing dental health problems. If the particular drug use continues, tooth lose and swollen gum areas might grow.

Dental Assistants are often consulted when folks call the dentist office or arrive complaining of extreme tooth discomfort. This can be a trick on the sufferer’s behalf to get drugs from the dental care facility, either at the office or in the way of a prescription. Dental Assistants have to watch for these kinds of scenarios and listen to their gut reaction in such cases. Usually, these individuals will come in at closing time, get a prescription and an appointment to come back the next morning. These people get the prescription filled up, but never appear for that appointment.

Since drug use is so common, Dental Assistants along with other dental personnel must be properly trained within the areas of drug use, drug interactions, and promoting drug treatment. If your employer does not offer such training, it is essential that you bring it to their awareness. In the meantime, it’s your duty to train yourself by training yourself in these types of areas. You could do so using books or on the web resources.

Treating patients who use harmful drugs also raises the danger of being subjected to communicable illnesses. All safety measures need to be taken to guard yourself. Most dental establishments have got policies and also methods in position for dealing with individuals who arrive for sessions intoxicated by drugs along with other substances. However, regarding ongoing substance users, you may not know these people have been recently using something just before treating them.

As a Dental Assistant, if you suspect a patient has been using prescription drugs, approach the problem confidentially and also carefully. Your main goal is to be sure other sufferers and employees aren’t at danger of getting injured. You possess the right as a Dental Assistant to decline treatment to anyone for any kind of reason. While many Dental Assistants do not exercise this particular right usually, there isn’t any cause to put yourself or others in danger.

Substance use can adversely affect an individual’s oral health. Dental Assistants could provide them help with having therapy for substance use. They can furthermore educate the patient on the effects of substance abuse.

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