Deep Bleaching Treatment To Whiten Your Teeth

Some people have naturally darker teeth, and it is also normal for teeth to become darker as you get older. In addition, your teeth can be stained by years of smoking, drinking alcohol or drinking too much coffee. Whatever the reasons behind it, you may feel you need to do something about it. This is when a trip to your local cosmetic dentist for deep bleaching teeth whitening treatment is recommended.

This method of tooth whitening relies on peroxide bleaching gels. These gels give off oxygen which gets inside the tooth and breaks up the staining molecules into smaller molecules. The reason this works is that larger molecules appear darker on the tooth whereas smaller molecules appear lighter. So as more and more of the larger molecules are broken up into smaller ones, the teeth will appear lighter.

What method is used to apply the peroxide gel to the teeth? Well the first thing that needs to be done is a specially made whitening tray or gum shield is made. In order to do this the dentist will take an impression of the patient’s teeth, it is important that this tray fits exactly. The tray is filled with the gel and the patient will wear this overnight for about 2 weeks and then return to the dentist for a final intensive bleaching in the surgery.

The patient should notice a massive difference in the whiteness of their teeth after the initial treatment. The patient should also make sure that they wear the tray once every couple of months. If they do this and the tray has been made properly the teeth whitening effect should be permanent.

All of this sounds very good but are there any drawbacks? Well, the one drawback which is very minor in most cases is the possibility of a little sensitivity at the beginning of treatment. However, teeth whitening Bolton dentist Cahill Dental Care say: “Your dentist should give you some desensitising toothpaste which will get you over the worst of the discomfort.

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