Decorate Ikea Style Furniture With Wall Decals And Wall Stickers

The beauty of using decals to decorate Ikea furniture includes:

  • Easy to apply the decal to the Ikea furniture
  • Removing the designer graphics is easy when it comes time to sell
  • You can change decals frequently depending on the style or season
  • Decals are washable which makes cleaning the Ikea surface simple

How to choose the right designer wall decals and wall stickers for your furniture?

Size: We recommend choosing smaller “kits” of decals to apply to the item. You could have a theme, or multiple smaller decals. This will make application of surface graphic easier.

Finish: Decals come in gloss or matte. By choosing decals with a matt finish, you will achieve a hand painted “mural” type look. When choosing gloss you are looking for a statement. Our preference is matt, but the good thing about decals- they promote individuality- so go for it and match your style.

Colour: The same principles of using colour in interior design apply to decal accessories. Either choose neutral colours, complimenting colours that suit the rest of the colour scheme or contrasting colours if they work nicely with your decor.

Another consideration is that decals can look cool in the SAME colour as the Ikea furniture item. For example, if you have a white Ikea bookshelf. Purchasing a decal in white gloss will contrast the texture and catch any available gentle in the room.

Similarly, if you have a shiny silver table, using a metallic silver designer decal on the surface will look absolutely amazing.

Ideas for decals for Ikea furniture:

There are hundreds of ideas for using wall decals or surface graphics on modern furniture. Don’t be limited by this list, but let it inspire you to achieve great heights in decorating your interiors.

Ikea Chairs

  • Apply word decals to the back or seat of the chair. Words such as FRIENDS, LAUGH. EAT, DRINK.
  • Apply designs to the back or seat of the chair. Fancy being king or queen for a day, place a crown shape decal on the back of the chair.

Ikea Tables

  • Our favourite fun decal is to apply a table setting in vinyl to the top of the dining table. The table setting can incorporate placemat, knife, fork, spoon, glass. These can be either traditional ornate settings or modern simplistic decal settings.
  • Block words. Place blocks of words, some upside down, sideways, etc on the table so people can read upside down.

Ikea Bookshelves

  • Not enough books? For a fun and interesting idea, use a wall decal to decorate the back of the bookshelf. Either straight on the wall or use the decal straight on the Ikea furniture.
  • Bring nature into the home by draping a wall decal vine over the side of the decal IKEA bookshelf.


  • Use a breakfast bench as a canvas and you can use wallquotes or wall decals to decorate the side of it.
  • Place your favourite wall quote across the front of Ikea kitchen cupboards.
  • Go retro, with decals of 60s cocktail glasses and shakers lined across the front of a glasses storage cupboard.


  • Make your shower a statement with a wall decal of Medusa style hair wrapping around the shower frame. Or simply go natural with an Ivy vine.
  • White Ikea cabinets can be decorated with rustic wall decals that are fun for bathrooms.
  • Or go French and set a Parisian decal theme. Place an Eiffel Tower wall decal on the wall behind the mirror, or on the bathroom door.
  • Don’t forget that wall decals are waterproof and weather resistant, so you can decorate the inside of bathtubs and showers with decal designs.

Ikea Bedroom Furniture

  • Disguise the study desk in the corner of the bedroom by giving it either crazy animal stripes, a flower explosion or just use simple circle shapes to decorate the Ikea desk.
  • Wall decals are a fun way of dressing up an Ikea mirror. Choose either a selection of emotive wall quotes or simply decorate the edges with the name of capital cities around the world for a more cosmopolitan feel.

There are plenty of great ideas for decorating Ikea furniture using wall decals, so get designing today and remember- wall stickers are removable so you can change your look anytime!

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