Deciding On The Perfect Wardrobe Closet Designs

There is a broad variety of wardrobe designs to choose from. These wildly functional pieces of furniture are appealing and add dimension to a room. Finding the right style can be an enjoyable process as lengthy as you know have a agreeable idea about what you want and how you would like it to look.

Essentially you will be deciding between three different sorts of wardrobes: walk-in wardrobes, built-in or fitted wardrobes and stand-alone wardrobes. Each of these wardrobe designs cater to the specific space available in a bedroom or extended area that also contains an en suite bathroom.

Traditional wardrobes come in many configurations and materials. The antique look is lovely, often made from natural stained wood and with decorative trim and flourishes. More simple wood pieces may much better suit many rooms and can also be found stained with the wood grain visible or painted different colors. The modern look is always achieved with clean, straight lines and primary colors, often white or black. Many synthetic materials are used to construct the pieces.

More and much more we are seeing materials other than wood used in the construction of modern wardrobes. Materials such as frosted or translucent glass, plastic and PVC/vinyl combinations provide a clean or unusual appearance. They also allow a wider variety of colors and textures than that available from basic wood.

Wardrobes are created with doors, cabinets, shelves, drawers and pigeon holes in varied positions. Often two cabinets with doors are placed above a drawer or two drawers, but one cabinet can be open or shelved, the doors can extend the entire height, or any combination of compartments is possible.

More recently, bedroom wardrobe designs have evolved to include units that might cover most of a wall and include many crannies and compartments. These might be fitted to cover an entire wall. Even much more extensive, walk in wardrobe designs might be something to think about. These are wardrobes that are either placed behind a partition or a dividing wall, or inside a closet space. They are comprehensive storage and display units.

Another type of wardrobe storage that takes the full wall coverage to another level is the walk in wardrobe. These wardrobe closet designs are always large enough to provide ample storage in a room that is either a blissfully separate room attached to the bedroom or as a walk though area that is either found in the entrance to the bedroom or through to a bathroom.

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