December 2012 – Are We Ready And Prepared Or Scared?

The dreaded date of December 2012 or survival 2012 as some are calling it, is fast approaching. Should we be scared?

This causes many questions and some very real and VALID ones are…”Will it happen for real?”… ” What if it is just another Y2K scenario…?”

Should I be concerned for my family’s safety?

I know so little about it. How can I know what to do?

Although we have no idea what is going to happen, it is always good to be as informed as possible.

The world as we know it, could change drastically, according to what some of the experts are saying. They claim that although we may see some things such as the aligning of our planets, the earth’s core melting and the Inca calendar coming to an end, etc. that it will not necessarily END our planet – just change it.

Be ready for some big changes is what they seem to be telling us.

And for any of us that are even somewhat aware of the economic situation and political struggle that is going on in our country right now, we realize that there are a NUMBER of things that could trigger a major meltdown that could then ignite a survival 2012 mode!

So what if 2012 is just like Y2K was.

For anyone that is really interested in all the 2012 stuff, there are some really great 2012 survival guides available on the internet and I would highly suggest getting one and researching it.

Regardless what happens, it is definitely better to BE PREPARED for whatever may happen than to be caught in a crisis and totally unprepared to survive 2012.

In conclusion: We all know our economy is not the greatest so it is rather foolish to NOT be prepared for crisis and emergency situations.

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