Dealing With Teeth Whitening Pain

Teeth whitening pain is a pretty common side-effect of most significant whitening products. This isn’t something you should dread, or think of as a bad thing. Any product that penetrates deep in to your teeth to bleach out the stains that have accumulated over time. Most pain or sensitivity is often results from professional products used at your dentist, as they use concentrated products meant to get results quickly. Those of you out there seeking to limit sensitivity may opt to use an over the counter product you can find online, or at your local pharmacy. These products will give you more gradual results, that take more time, but create less discomfort.

What causes teeth whitening pain?

If your using a product that’s meant to produce immediate results (within an hour), or quick results (a few days), you can expect at least some increased sensitivity. Whitening bleaches and/or light and laser treatments penetrate your tooth enamel to get the deep down stains. Some people get alarmed by this, thinking the product they’ve used has somehow damaged their teeth. This is rarely the case and the pain or sensitivity usually subsides within a 12 – 24 hour period.

What can you do to help treat teeth whitening pain?

If you’re thinking ahead, before the treatment is used or performed, make use of a desensitizing gel or toothpaste for a few days beforehand. If you find yourself having forgotten this step, there are a few simple things you can use:

* Purchase an over-the-counter desensitizing gel or liquid — in most cases this will numb the teeth whitening pain or sensitivity until it subsides on it’s own.

* Aspirin or ibuprofen can be used, provided you have no allergies to either. This can also make the discomfort subside until it goes away on it’s own.

* Under no circumstances should you subject yourself to extreme hot or cold foods and beverages. When you feel like the sensitivity has disappeared — sip some cold water to make sure it is indeed gone.

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