There are different factors that cause the inflammation of our air passage. Inflammation of our bronchial tube is actually a common thing. This is the body’s natural reaction to external irritants. However, when the inflammation is prolonged, that’s when asthma is developed.

Different people with asthma may still not react to different triggers the same way. This is something expected because each person has a unique make up. Some external factors may make one person react severely while it may have no effect on another at all. However, regardless of the condition, some general rules may be followed to ensure that the health of someone with asthma does not deteriorate and, if possible, recovers.

It is important to note that not all triggers are necessarily dirty in nature. Things like excessive exercise or infections may cause asthma attacks. To further understand the different causes of attacks, let us study the irritants. There are actually two kinds of triggers: *allergens or specific kinds * nonallergens or general irritants.

Here are examples of allergens: *pollens *dust mites, molds, pets, and insect parts *foods *sulfites * latex

There are other irritants such as: *severe colds, bronchitis, and sinusitis *aspirin and drugs used to treat blood pressure and other heart conditions *cigarette or tobacco smoke * smog, air dust, and diesel fumes *paint, detergents, deodorants, chemicals, and perfumes *excessive exercise, especially under extreme weather conditions *laughing, crying, yelling, and distress *hormonal factors, such as in premenstrual syndrome

These things may be avoided. For example, people with asthma may still exercise just as long as they make sure that the weather condition is just right for them. It will not do them good to force themselves when they are already exhausted too. They could also keep their environment clean in the office and at home by installing dust collection system and make sure that they dust collector hose is always clean.

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