Getting away from addiction is as tough as it is easy to get an addiction. The total time required by an individual to get addicted is quite less but much more is the time which one needs to get away from it. One of the many available ways of getting away from this addiction is the day treatment rehabilitation program. This program is widely acknowledged as the middle of the road for intensity of addiction treatment.

Here the individuals who are addicted spend their entire day on therapy sessions. These everyday sessions are with groups which also involve counseling and meetings. Often this kind of treatment takes place with residents of inpatient rehabilitation programs offered at the same rehabilitation center. Day treatment usually spans the work day, from 8am – 5pm, but day treatment does not require each individual to reside at the rehabilitation center.

The treatment involved in the day treatment outlines the same kind of methodologies as in the case of inpatient treatment the only difference is that the full time residency is lacking in this case. Even the 30 day stay is similar to inpatient rehabilitation and at times it might also last for a longer time period. Addictions that are caught early enough for the addict to realize there is a problem and still have some presence of mind to remain committed to recovery can consider day treatment as an option.

Often, people with children at home that need to be cared for will opt for day treatment as it is no more of their day than a common work day. Although day treatment is more convenient, allowing a return home in the evening, it is imperative to understand that recovery is not about convenience. It is about survival and healing.

As difficult as it may be to leave loved ones and the security and comfort of home, the rewards of proper treatment and eventual sobriety far outweigh and outlast the consequences of dodging treatment for convenience. Taking upon a rehabilitation program just because it suites an individual and his comforts and not his needs would never solve the purpose for which one is taking up the rehabilitation. The cause might get lost.

Thus for the people who are seeking rehabilitation, a life away from unwanted addiction it is important to assess each individual addiction situation and really understand what kind of treatment is best for them and not the easiest.

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