Dangers Of The Criminal Sex Offender Registration Law

With increased numbers and the high likelihood that sex offenders will become repeated offenders, the federal government felt it imperative to develop laws that mandate all convicted sexual offenders register in the states where they reside. Albeit a controversial law, officials in the government assert that having offenders register in their state is an effective means of preventing some of the more severe offenders from re-offending in the future. Is this invasion of privacy simply a necessary precaution that the state politicians have imposed on those who were already convicted an served time for a sexual offense, or is it a violation of basic human rights to privacy?

At some point in time, it became acceptable for the government to track former criminals; in requiring them to register as an offender, they are essentially tracking the criminal. They do nothing more than monitor closely their whereabouts, actions, friends, lifestyle, etc. How this came to be is quite scary, while it has occurred for a crime that fits the punishment, after all our children should be protected. It also comes with a price. Many people see this as an intense invasion of privacy and human rights, and in Europe under the banner of the European Convention on Human Rights, such procedures would almost certainly not be allowed.

This is only a beginning, and opening the door by requiring sex offenders to be registered can lead to all criminals of any crimes being forced to register. And that can lead to the government eventually requiring every person to be registered and tracked for some reason or another, and Big Brother watching you will become a reality. Will we just sit back and let that happen? Should the government be able to know and control where you live, where you go, what you do, where you work, who your friends are?

While many people feel that the laws for sexual offenders are not strict enough, and push for greater punishments for people who commit these heinous crimes, you have to wonder whether this is just a bid for revenge. Not to mention the fact that it seems rather unbalanced that if a sexual offender is found mentally unstable, that person is simply required to seek help instead of serving jail time. Not only are their crimes recorded differently, but the consequences of their actions are not as severe.

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