Curb Appeal Is A Must…But Don’t Forget To Dust!

Have you ever drove past a home that looks immaculate outside and you wonder what it would be like to live there. The house that the grass is always cut and the landscaping is great. But if you were to go past the same house with it looking all messy you wouldn’t even give it a second look.

Not only should it be the outside of the look good but the inside of your home too. If you have possible buyers coming over make sure you get the place looking spic and span, by cleaning up, and getting marks off the walls. Dust the furniture, clear out any clutter that may be lying around. With a little less clutter in a room, the room will look fantastic.

Always make sure you dust and vacuum your home because you never know when someone might just stop in to pay a visit. Don’t ignore the dirt handprints which may be on the walls near the fridge or even the front door when people lean to take their shoes off. Don’t keep items or furniture if it’s not been used in quite awhile. All it’s doing is collecting dust and taking away space. Sometimes, the more space the better.

Try the rugs in different places to see where it adds the most to your room. Remember showing your house may mean a bunch of people wearing a track in the carpet, put a runner rug in place to protect the carpet. When you use an area rug they can instantly bring that room all together, and make a room seem warm and cozy.

By placing an area rug in each room and especially in area which are highly traveled will save your existing floors from being ruined. Especially when your home is up for show, you’ll have a lot of consumers walking in and out of your home with their shoes on. If it’s been a muddy day outside, it may track a bit inside the home. Just by adding a few area rugs will give your home that cozy and comforting feeling to buyers.

The great thing about area rugs and runners is when you move, pack them up with you. Just make sure when you close the house it’s in the contract that everything which it was shown with isn’t staying except whatever you list. Always remember an area rug will give you a cozy feeling no matter where you go.

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