CRM software and Program for food delivery

In this program, we tried to implement an order processing algorithm: receiving an order from a client, transferring an order to the kitchen and delivering finished products to a client.

What can the program do?
The main functionalities implemented in delivery CRM automation program are:

The system can be run on any device with a browser installed and Internet access.

Unified customer base
Allows you to track all customer orders, the total amount of the customer order for a certain period and many other financial indicators important for the business. Conduct analytics (cohort analysis, ROMI calculation and much more). Determine the quality of advertising channels and the cost of the client for them.

SMS mailing
The ability to send mailings to clients, automatically send messages to employees. Informing the client about the progress of the order preparation, discounts, reminders and congratulations.

Distribution of orders between restaurants / shops
The system allows you to specify which store / restaurant will have to fulfill the order or assign distribution automatically.

Call center employee
Formation of an order. Maintaining maps and history of customer orders.

Restaurant / store manager
The dispatcher in the executing store accepts the order and sends it to work. He can indicate the estimated lead time and add comments to the order. After the order is prepared in the store / restaurant, it is sent for delivery.

delivery CRM developer

Delivery service takes the order and delivers it to the client

Email newsletter
The system allows you to send email messages to customers, both advertising (discounts, discounts, special offers) and informational (informing about the status of the order) nature. Email marketing is one of the cheapest forms of marketing.

Track employee performance
The system allows you to control the key performance indicators of employees, which will allow you to more closely understand the personal qualities of an employee.

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