Credit Rating As A Vital Aspect Of The Mortgage Application Process

If you are looking to get a mortgage loan, then your credit rating will be the first port of call for any institution. Particularly now that the recession has made all the regulations and rules around finance so much tighter.

Finance institutions use credit ratings to work out whether you have a good history with money. If you have a bad rating, then this would suggest that you will not be a reliable person to lend the money to as you may default on the mortgage.

Naturally, this is not the only thing that they look at when you apply for a mortgage, they also want to see how much you earn and whether you have a job. Usually though, your credit rating is the factor that can make or break it.

Getting an approval for a mortgage loan with a weak credit simply means that you will be paying more in terms of interest. Good credit ratings will enable persons who have them to enjoy the best interest rates.

It might seem as though the better interest rate for good credit buyers is somewhat inconsequential. But, when you calculate the cost of the extra interest over the lifetime of the mortgage, it can really add up to a lot of extra expense.

Credit scores are calculated using a number of different factors, including your payment history, level of debt and any problems you’ve had in regards to making payments on a timely basis. Credit scores range from approximately 330 to 850, but you’ll want to strive for a rating of 720 or above to get the best mortgage interest rates.

Before shopping for a home, it is important to check your own credit rating, as sometimes mistakes are made. Doing this approximately six months before you anticipate applying for a mortgage loan can give you plenty of time to find and correct the mistakes, as well as time for the corrections to show up on your credit history.

It can be beneficial to try to improve your score if you find that it’s low before applying for a mortgage. Paying off some of your outstanding credit and reducing your overall level of debt can often raise your credit score dramatically.

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