There are a lot of people who can only dream of someday becoming credit card debt-free. On the other hand, there are ways to get that free.

What would it mean? We’ve all been taught to work at a job probably for forty years and at least 40 hours per week. Why are we working? Usually because we have bills to pay each month. Sometimes there are more bills than there is month. You simply can’t earn enough to pay the bills. Out come the credit cards.

Unfortunately, we were never given the plan to stay as debt-free as possible. Or actually to have debt but have enough cash flow that is not dependent upon working to pay it.

Think about what it could be like if your house was paid for (no rent payment) and your car payments were nothing. Those items are usually the largest debts in a household. If that were the situation, it would not take much money to be able to pay the bills each month.

Here is an option to get debt free known as the snowball method. You start working on one debt at a time with the highest interest rate one first. You concentrate payments and pay that debt off while paying minimum payments on the other debts. Once it is paid off, you then move to the next highest debt, etc. By continuing this method, the debt will be eliminated. You have to stop incurring new debt to make it worth.

Other options that you may have to take on are either bankruptcy or debt settlement negotiation in order to significantly reduce the debt so that your income is enough to pay off the debt. Then it will take discipline to stay in that situation. You still must borrow occasionally and pay it back quickly in order to preserve your credit score. Becoming credit card debt free is a lifestyle change and you can do it.

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