Creative arrangement of layout of graphics, text, images and animations for a overall good look and feel with a programming elements will ultimately be developed into a Uk marriage visa Creative Web Design.

Creative Web Design Process:

– Initial process
– Conceptualization
– Planning
– Modeling
– Execution
– Launch

For every creative website we need to execute the plan in a sequential manner

1. Collecting the information
2. Determining website pages and navigation
3. Initial Design mockups
4. Writing / Creating website content
5. Revising total website
6. Final website approval
7. Testing and launching
8. Optimizing the website

There are two main design elements in a website
– Home Page Concept
– Inner Page Concept

Home Page Concept includes

– Logo
– Main Navigation
– Website Search functionality
– Sub Navigation
– Images
– Flash Header
– Main Content area

Inner Page Concept

– Main Content area
– Image Gallery
– Video Gallery
– Main-Navigation
– Sub-Navigation
– Contact Forms

Types of Website Design:

– Enterprise design
– Content-centered
– The Big Header type design
– Technology driven design
– Web App design
– User Experience driven design
– Illustrated Character type design
– Completely Flash Design
– Completely CSS design
– Portfolio type model
– Blog type design

Different types of layouts:

– Symmetrical layout
– Asymmetrical layout
– Dominative layout

Types of Navigations:

– Site Structure Navigation
– Function Navigation
– Direct navigation
– Reference navigation
– Dynamic Navigation
– Breadcrumb Navigation
– Step Navigation

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