Uk marriage visa Creative Web Design can be done using a set a customized process and rules. Whiles started designing Creative Website we need to determine few things

· What is your website Goal?

· Determine the purpose of your website?

· Determine your target audiences?

· Determine your target age group?


1. Fix your website goals
2. Study your audience
3. Analyze your competition websites
4. Fix the resources for your website
5. Create a sitemap
6. Start Design

Core Design Process after starting your design

* Design
* Production
* Evaluation

A web design process can give good results. Basic process to follow

* Creative Meeting of the client
* Initial Concept Design
* Website Design
* Review and Presentation to the client
* Website launching


Consider Usability also while creating a Creative web Design. Usability plays an efficient role while you are creating a new website.

10 Points to consider in Usability

1. Don’t use frames
2. Use cutting-edge technology
3. Create fresh content
4. Use little animations
5. Use simple URL structure
6. Don’t use hidden pages
7. Don’t use long scrolling pages
8. Use simple forms rather than long forms
9. Use clear navigation
10. Reduce loading time

Best Characteristics of a good creative web site

* Well Organized
* Easy navigate
* Attractive colors
* Attractive Fonts
* Quality Content

By using Creative Web Design Businesses can

* Target new markets segments and customers
* Keep your clients informed about new launch, news, information, support and documentation
* Registrations can done online
* Easy customer support can be provided
* Can promote your website in online and reach new market segments

Most powerful design elements to keep in mind are

* Navigation
* Layout
* Load time
* Browser Compatibility
* Color
* Website design

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