Creating Dramatic Abstract Images With Your Digital Camera

[I:]One of the most popular forms of photography is abstract photography. Many photographers find it very rewarding. Of course, there is a reason why abstract photography is very popular. Abstract photography is simply a lot of fun. Furthermore, you do not need lots of fancy equipment. Pretty much any camera will work.

Definition of Abstract Photography

Abstract photography exhibits subjects in a way that is not a literal interpretation. A photographer might create abstract photography by taking photos of an unusual object or the photographer might photograph a common object in an unconventional manner.


There is one more good thing about abstract photography. You can create abstract pictures wherever you are. Whether you are at home, work, the beach, or a national forest, you should be able to find abstract image opportunities. All you need to do is train yourself to identify abstract opportunities

Skills to Develop

Of course, abstract photography does require some skills. The main skill is the ability to identify subjects that will create a good abstract image. Try to watch for shapes, curves, colors, and patterns that hold your attention. In other words, look for saturated colors, elegant curves, interesting shapes, or unusual patterns


A couple of techniques that work well when creating abstract images are blurring and moving in close. The blurring technique is one of the few times in photography where you want to blur the image. This can produce a dreamy or romantic feel to the image. Not surprisingly, this technique does not work well with all subject matter. Consequently, you need to be careful to choose a suitable subject for this technique. Placing something transparent, like a thing sheet of frosted plastic, in front of the lens will create a blur. The blurring can also be achieved later on in a photo editing program such as Photoshop

Moving in close is also an excellent technique for creating great abstract images. It is probably one of the most popular abstract photography techniques. The key is to move in very close to the subject and photograph only a part of the subject as opposed to the entire subject. You might try photographing a portion of a leaf. You could also photograph just a few pedals of a flower.


You need to try out a lot of different things to find the ones that create the really impressive images. If you are using a digital camera, you have a big advantage. With a digital camera, you are able to take lots of shots. After all, after you buy the camera, all those shots are virtually cost-free. Another advantage of digital is the monitor. It enables you to see the results of your work immediately. This allows you to re-shoot if necessary.


Of course, there is the most important point of all, Make sure that you have a lot of fun. So, go grab your camera and start making some beautiful images. I am sure that your friends will want to see your amazing photos.

This article touches just the surface of abstract photography. There are many other abstract photography skills that you can develop that can help you create even better abstract images. Is it time for you to learn some more abstract photography skills? Just click Uk marriage visa The Essentials of Abstract Photography.

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