Creating A Biagi Bracelet To Fit Your Personality

Beads and charms are back. They have updated their look and style. Now offering new designs, new shapes and sizes and new fun ways to create your own one of a kind piece of jewelry. The popular Biagi bracelet and line of jewelry has everyone raving and designing their own little pieces of art to wear and show off.

Italy is well known for its craftsmanship and skill in jewelry making and with its roots in Florence, Italy, this bracelet follows that same concept. They use only the best sterling silver and fourteen karat gold available for their designs. Created a unique rope style, this bracelet allows beads and charms to be slid on or twisted and placed anywhere on the piece that you want them. The beads will still spin when you move your wrist, but that will only add to the elegant and graceful look.

Whether you want a casual or elegant look, you’ll see how simple they are to build. They offer a variety of starter bracelets for you to add your beads and charms to. You’ll find everything from sunglasses and bikini tops to intricately designed beads of all sizes. If you have an idea in your head, you are sure to find it among the large selection.

Beads are made in a variety of materials: sterling silver, 14 karat gold, cubic zirconia and glass. There unique design with an interior thread that allows you to twist the beads and permits you to customize easily. You can place the bead anywhere you want on the bracelet, mixing and matching styles and colors. And, with over a thousand beads available already, the possibilities can be endless.

Charms can add something special, especially placed between beads and since there are already over 500 available, you’ll have no problem finding the right one for your personality. These are created in the same material as the beads; some have enamel on them to highlight their artwork.

With the unique kid’s line they now have available, you won’t have to hide your bracelet from your kid sister as she’ll have her own to make. This line comes in the same quality as the adult with over 200 different beads already available to satisfy any little girl.

You will need to care for this like any other piece of fine jewelry you have. A soft cloth is recommended for cleaning and to keep it away from water. Take it off when you shower or swim or do any water activity. They are treated with an anti-tarnishing process, but as everyone knows with sterling silver, tarnish can build up and water is its enemy.

The ability to interchange beads and charms makes a Biagi bracelet unique and timeless. The ease in creating new patterns daily or every time you wear it to match your mood and your personality is what makes them popular today. Women of all ages are able to enjoy the elegance and the fun designs that can be created in minutes.

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