Create A Suitable Baby Nursery Design

It’s important to decorate your baby nursery in a way that will not only impress your guests, but most importantly will help entertain your baby and speed their intellectual development. In the past, most parents tending to stick to traditional decor; using blue for boys and pink for girls. It’s important to know that a baby doesn’t categorize colors by gender, so don’t limit your designs by eliminating certain colors or themes because of what society says is proper.

*Remember also that it’s best to have one or two elements for your baby to focus their attention on, than multiple things that can possibly confuse them.

Theme Ideas

Straight-Forward Approach
Whoever said we couldn’t keep things simple? While an extravagant baby nursery isn’t a bad thing; there is nothing stopping you from creating a very simple, straight-forward design. Painting always presents the most work and ultimately is the toughest decision for most people to make when decorating any room in the home: Go with a white, or off-white color and spruce up the room with colorful cushions, pillows and perhaps a child-themed border.

Calming Effect
Much of the first year of your baby’s life will be spent staring at the ceiling, while they’re trying to go to sleep. A very soothing, popular theme for a baby nursery is painting a sky-like, blue ceiling, with some light white cloud shaped designs mixed in. Go a step further if you like and paint some stars in with glow in the dark paint for nighttime entertainment for your infant.

Get Creative
While simple and calming designs are more than satisfactory; you can just as easily go for a traditional western theme with Cowboys & Indians, or a Wizards & Warlock theme. If you want to help get your baby in touch with nature early on; decorate the baby nursery with grass colored green and paint tree designs on the walls — the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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