Understanding Psychic Power

Have you ever felt that you can almost hear what a person is thinking of while sitting beside you, or may be that you suddenly have very strong and sudden gut feelings of something happening before doing something or going anywhere which later turns out to be right? And if I my guess is right then you have always thought them to be sheer coincidences in your life. And now that you are reading this article, I can safely conclude that somewhere you have doubts in your mind about these experiences and it might well be the case that you are a psychic having specific psychic powers.

Psychic powers can be defined as those special abilities in a person which enables him/her to know about things which another person cannot perceive. Thus, it is an extra sensory perception that tells the person about things that our five ordinary senses cannot detect. Generally psychics are born with this sixth sense, but it may also happen that this ability develops in a person after a very tragic event or a near death experience.

Precognition, telepathy and clairaudience are the three most common psychic powers seen in the world. While the first refers to the ability of predicting the future, the second involves reading another’s thoughts, while the last one involves seeing things which are hidden or far away.

Talking about telepathy, this sixth sense helps the psychic to read another person’s thoughts. Psychics who have very well developed telepathic abilities can also inject their own thoughts into the thought stream of others.

Clairvoyance on the other hand involves ‘clear viewing’ of events which are otherwise hidden or occurring far away. Also known as ‘Remote Viewing’ this power leads to seeing a loved one or seeing an object or a place and getting information about the same from thousands of miles away. It must be mentioned here that clairvoyance has a subtle difference with that of the highly similar psychic powers of clairaudience and clairsentience. While the former refers to ‘hearing’ stuffs far away, the latter involves ‘knowing’ certain things which are otherwise hidden or forgotten.

Precognition again is the psychic power of predicting about the future. It involves knowing about the future, predicting outcomes of courses of action, informing about events before they happen and dreaming about future incidents. Precognition can be stated to be the most common as well as the most popular of all psychic powers. Its popularity stems from human’s innate desire of knowing about the future and thus astrologers, tarot readers and the like have a high demand.

The existence of other psychic powers though less common than the three mentioned above, can be seen throughout the world. These include channeling, your ability to establish contact and communicate with spirits or outside intelligence; astral projection, your ability to leave your own body and travel in spirit to another place; aura reading, your ability to read or perceive the energy fields of another person; levitation, your ability to ascend to a level off the ground or psychokinesis, your ability to move things with the power of your thoughts.

There are many times when a psychic thinks of himself/ herself to be cursed, for not being able to live a normal life like that of others. But it can be concluded that psychic powers are special powers that only chosen individuals possess. Hence one should always consider it as a blessing and use it for the benefit of all fellow human beings.

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