Cordless Drill Batteries: What You Should Know

Maybe you need a new battery. Cordless drill batteries have a relatively short lifespan. There are things to do, that will extend their usefulness. There are also things to know, when replacing them.

Finding replacements

It may not always be easy to find the proper replacement battery. If you search online sources, you may be able to find one. Try the manufacturer website. If the model is not too old, they may carry them.


Some places sell rebuilt batteries for cordless tools. They may rebuild your old battery. This may be the only way to get one, in some cases. Your drill may be discontinued. Sometimes, you may find a local business that will rebuild batteries. You might also check online.

How long?

You can usually get three years of use from a cordless drill battery. This is with normal use. The time may be considerably less, with more use.

Preventing problems

Have two batteries for the same tool, if possible. This will help to increase their life expectancy. It will also give you a spare, in case one battery fails.

Proper care

Store and charge your drill in a dry and cool area. Humidity and heat can be very bad for them. Your tools will last longer and perform better, if kept cool and dry.

Make sure that your drill is not subject to abuse. Keep it out of the weather. It should be stored in an area safe from falling. Be certain that children cannot get to it.


If you take proper care of your cordless drill batteries, they will last longer. Under normal circumstance, they will last about three years. There are measures that you can take to extend their lives. Do not leave your tools outside. Protect them from damage and abuse. Do not store them in heat and humidity. You can buy replacement batteries online and locally. Some business will rebuild your old batteries.

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