There are three categories for symbol barcode scanners. There are commercial scanners, industrial scanners hands-free scanners.

The barcode scanner that probably has the best functionality is the 2D commercial barcode scanner. This scanner can read any type of bar code whether it is rounded, square, rectangle or any type of code, the 2D reads them. It also patiently read even barcodes that can’t be read by many scanners. The most common barcode scanner though is the laser barcode scanner. It is most trusted by many scanner purchasers.

Industrial scanners are scanners ideal for use in a warehouse or storage houses. These stores make stock lists the would make scanner more helpful in counting and carrying on detailed lists about the product.

Hands-free scanners are omnidirectional scanners that would increase a manufacturer’s work output. These are very fast and simple to use.

Some scanners could be a plug and play device while others need a few configurations to make it work. Those that go with softwares are convenient when used since they add more functionality to the scanner. Software is designed in many ways so that it could match the need of the user if its for a bookstore, employee attendance or inventory purposes.

Symbol, a barcode company will provide different bar code services such as barcode stamping, barcode scanners, barcode software and barcode accessories.

Some of the best barcode scanners by Symbol are LS2208, LS4208 and LS9208 Symbol Scanner. Most of these scanners are flexible since they are used for pharmacy purposes, bookstore, security measures and in any other retail stores.

LS2208 Scanner is handheld scanner. The LS4208 Motorola Laser Barcode Scanner is a plug and play device that reads even worn out barcodes. LS9208 Scanner is an adjustable multi-mount stand.

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