Conveyable Chicken Pens – The Simple Chicken House Alternative

Raising chickens in your backyard is a fairly fun and rewarding experience. By having your own chicken coop, you do both to you and the chickens you are raising a big a favor. And just think about all of the fresh eggs you’ll be able to enjoy!

You may feel particularly good knowing where your breakfast eggs are coming from – your own yard. Even the chicken manure can be composted and used as top of the range fertilizer on your garden veggies and plants. But before we get started, we’ll have to think about what kind of hen house you would like to have, a cartable chicken coop or a fixed one.

Portable chicken coops are often smaller in size than their fixed opposite numbers, but if you do not need a bigger number of hens in your yard you should be fine. Don’t cram too many birds into too tiny of space. Just be absolutely certain that each chicken has at least 3-4 ft of space to move around. Otherwise you may endanger your hens’ health, and as a consequence also the egg production. On the other hand, if your coop turns out to be too large, though there is not really a “too” giant, you can always add another hen.

Portable chicken coops have got the edge that they are simple to move around. This makes it cushty for you to move your chicken tractor to where you can keep an eye fixed on your hens. Look out for predators in your area. Your neighbors’ dogs and cats may be a threat to your chickens. Dependent on where you reside, there may be foxes, badgers and other predators that you are going to have to protect your chickens from. Thus, moving your chicken tractor to an area where you may have a watch on them is a good idea.

But, hens are tough birds and you actually will not have to fret about them that much; Just as long as you make some effort to protect them from the more determined animals you’ll be able to enjoy the eggs and the chickens for several years to come. Have I mentioned chickens make outstanding pets? Well, they do! And they make an excellent family experience. Raising chickens whether in a movable chicken coop or other kind of hen house is a satisfying and unique experience. One that will make a long-lasting family memory!

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