If you suffer from anxiety, chances are a change in your diet will make a difference. Our bodies react to what we eat and drink. If we sip coffee, tea or soda throughout the day, it may have an affect not only on our general health but how we feel as well. The way we look and feel is reflected in how we eat. Take a look in the mirror and consider if you are doing what is best for yourself.

If you are a person who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, you will benefit from taking a close look at what you’re eating. It may be having an adverse affect on you. You may think your diet is healthy but it may not be the right diet for you. Perhaps you are eating more than you should or not getting a sufficient amount of whole grains, fiber, protein and water.

If you are a panic attack sufferer, then caffeine is your worst enemy. When our bodies are under a lot of stress, the last thing that they need is more stress. We all need to learn how to lay off the stimulants. Some of the symptoms of anxiety are worry, panic, shakiness, trembling, chest pains, racing heartbeat, cold and hot sweats, and paranoia. What sets off our anxiety may be a number of different things. But caffeinated beverages will not help to alleviate the symptoms, and neither will cigarettes.

Life is full of stress that isn’t going to go away. But the way that we deal with it can help to reduce the anxiety dramatically. Exercise is a wonderful way to get your body to produce more of the same chemicals that the doctors are always trying to feed us through medication. Get plenty of it, and do it every single day of your life. If feel that you require medication, opt for a natural supplement instead.

There are several supplements available at most pharmacies and health food stores that can be used to treat anxiety. GABA is an option that helps balance the chemicals in the brain when it is exposed to too much stimulus. It helps us relax and focus. If you suffer from racing thoughts, GABA can be a big help. Another option is 5-HTP, a popular supplement that is known to enhance the mood and also balance the chemicals in your brain. It works with the neurotransmitters in your brain to create a better balance.

Other natural supplements that are helpful for treating anxiety are Valerian Root and Passion Flower. They too can be found wherever natural vitamins are sold. They are relatively inexpensive and help you feel less nervous and more relaxed. Many people use these supplements to calm anxiety attacks. Vitamin C and Vitamin B are also excellent options for helping to control anxiety. Used together they work to promote the healthy functioning of the nervous system. Supplementation is not a cure all but it may help.

It is your overall lifestyle that is an indication of whether or not you will suffer from anxiety. Eat natural, healthy foods and drink lots of water to keep your body cleaned out of all toxins and built up fat. Stay away from greasy foods which cause high blood pressure and put extra stress on the cardiovascular system.

Take these steps to break the cycle of stress that produces excessive anxiety. Keep an eye on your blood pressure and our insulin levels to avoid putting undue stress on your body as this will only serve to heighten your feelings of anxiety. Eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest and exercise will show in how you look and feel and hope you cope with life. It can go a long way to help you take control of your anxiety.

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