Considering Breast Implants? Try Macrolane

Many women have thought of having breast implants for many reasons. Women often cite self-pride issues and attracting guys as their reasons for considering or going through breast implant surgery. Whatever their purposes really are, there is one major thing stopping them: surgery and the risks connected to it.

Breast implants are highly popular and controversial at the same time. Many women say it changed their lives positively. It has upped their confidence and outlook in life. Others say they regret having surgery. Some people say they can tell the difference between real and augmented breasts, while others regret it because of complications and scars.

Fortunately, there is a new innovation known as Macrolane. Introduced initially in the U.K., Macrolane injections are a non-surgical way to gain breast size of up to 1 or even 1 and a half cup sizes.

Macrolane is a Non-Animal Stabilized Hyalauronic Acid or “NASHA”-based product, created by Q MED, a Swedish Firm.

Localized anesthesia minimizes or eliminates the minimal pain that normally associated with injections. Since it is non-surgical, it has attracted many women into considering it over breast implants. It doesn’t stop there. Yet another advantage of Macrolane is that halfway through a procedure, the woman can check how her breast feels and looks. If she wants more fullness, she can easily request for it. Obviously, this can not be done with surgery.

Macrolane is safe because of the fact that the hyaluronic acid substance already exists within the human body, so it is not rejected as a foreign substance. No long-term issues have been recorded, and it is virtually painless.

The only thing about Macrolane that you should know is that it can be high-maintenance. A Macrolane procedure is topped up each year with about half the volume of what was initially injected. Most women would have 200ml in the first treatment, so they have a 100 ml top up after 12 months.

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