Considerations When Buying A Waterbed

There are several ways that a waterbed is made. There is the type of frame that has a solid frame for the mattress to be supported by. There is also the frame that has foam filling for a softer side. The original use for waterbed mattresses were for those that were confined to bed to prevent sores.

Usually a waterbed contains a heating device, controlled by a thermostat so that it can be set to the users personal preference. A comfortable temperature for most people is around 86 degrees. Heating pads are generally placed beneath the mattress to keep the water temperature stable. The mattresses are often made of a soft vinyl material and if damaged, can be fixed with a vinyl kit.

Waterbeds can be made with just 1 chamber holding the water. Some waterbeds however have several chambers. Other waterbeds are a mix of air and water chambers to eliminate wave action whenever the user moves around the mattress. A waterbed with just one chamber is called a free flow mattress. If the user moves around on this type of waterbed, the water sloshes back and forth -more like a wave and then it settles back. Many people however prefer to purchase waterbeds that are more stable. Who would want to be seasick in your own bedroom?People who look for more stable waterbeds usually look for those with fiber batting. Fiber batting cuts down on the sloshing of water back and forth. Another choice is to get a waterbed with interconnected chambers.

If anyone is looking to buy waterbeds, there are a few things to consider. Because water is heavy, a person needs to consider whether their floor is strong enough to hold a waterbed. Many times, a floor will need to be reinforced, particularly if it is on an upper story of a house. Not only are they heavy, they also use a bit of electricity to keep the water heated. A waterbed will consume somewhere between 500-2000 kWh yearly. They are also very difficult to move if the owner decided to rearrange the bedroom. A waterbed will have to be drained and disassembled then reassembled and refilled. Leaks are possible, and can be a hassle to repair. There are waterbed accessories that need to be purchased as well, such as heaters, mattress covers and protectors, and conditioning chemicals.

Waterbeds are beneficial for those who have allergies and those who have asthma. They are also advantageous because they conform to the human body shape making it possible for users to sleep on a mattress without suffering from pressure points that regular mattresses create.

Everything has its pros and cons and that goes the same way with waterbeds. If you want to own a waterbed, you should keep in mind all these considerations.

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