Speed dating is a type of dating whereby people go to a speed-dating place to search for someone who may share the same interest with them. In such a place one meets with many different people, who are there for the same purpose – to find someone who may be compatible with them.

At speed dating avenue, men and women sit at tables. For a specific period of time a man and a woman sit at a table. It all depends on the types of speed dating operated and possibly the number of people in attendance each sitting may be for two or three minutes.

The man and the woman are supposed to ask each other some few questions during these few minutes of speed dating meeting. This will give them the chance of having a brief overview of each other and to see if they should decide to fix another appointment to meet and discourse in more details about each other.

When the time is up then the women or the men will move to the next table and talk to another person.

After each of the couples have met and spoke to each other during the speed dating they will give the numbers of the people or say which people they are interested in. If both people show an interest then they have the opportunity to communicate and go out together.

The two couples may also exchange information at the table with each other also during the short process of speed dating if they fell in love right away.

Speed dating is not for everyone but some people really like meeting new people and finding a date this way. Many people like this method because they get to meet the people in person and talk with them rather than On-line or by going on a blind date.

The belief behind speed dating system is that the people can instantaneously discover if there is compatibility between them during the speed dating process.

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